An Hour With Pty Ltd.

Varsha Chowdhury


The Liberation Project is the outcome of the urgent and intense need for inner harmony in today’s fast paced and over-competitive society. I am very passionate about mental-health, and in general, overall well-being. To that end The Liberation Project provides services such as dance-movement therapy, reiki, focused guided meditation, professional development coaching and life coaching.

My professional background includes a Master’s in Human Resource Management and a Diploma in Counselling. Along with years of experience in the people management and learning and development domain, I am also a professional dancer and have extensive experience as a dance trainer, in various dance styles, specializing in the Latin and Ballroom faculty, with qualifications in the same. My expertise lies in the training, coaching and counselling space.

The Liberation Project is a startup, at its inception at the moment. In recent times, we have been engaging with local council offering community group projects focusing on movement, dance and mindfulness, while setting the business up for a launch, which has been delayed due to current lockdown.

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