Rebecca Veksler


Public speaking, human behaviour, health and the psychology behind the business is what Rebecca is most passionate about. 

Specialising in product and small business development, the psychology of the sell and motivating people to feel empowered. 
 It is my mission to understand the core elements of business culture and human behaviour. 

My most current venture Sol Products aims to reach out and share my knowledge of health to as many people as possible. Sol Products are sustainable, environmentally friendly and healthy, they are chemical-free, hand-blown glass reusable coffee cups!

For optimistic drinkers and half full thinkers. We have in just 4 short years become one of the top re-usable cup brands in the world, we have offices in Sydney, London and Auckland, as well as a completely global distribution. 

I am the youngest member and Vice President of the Bondi Chamber of Commerce.

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