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Marvin Christian


A skilled professional with a combined experience of over 7 years in marketing, digital and e-Commerce. Started as a marketing intern to now leading and managing the marketing and e-Commerce of a brand focusing on providing professional eye care and quality eyewear. 

Since I joined 1001 Optical in 2014, the brand’s development from a pure brick-and-mortar model to an omni-channel eye wear and eye care provider has enabled me to understand technological shifts across various aspects of marketing, data, cloud POS and e-Commerce. I have been on a journey of constant learning and development that has not just enhanced my passion for marketing/digital but has also influenced my expertise in data and e-Commerce. This has enabled me to mentor others in the team to carefully look at elements that truly maintain the marketing momentum and move the money needle. 

Moreover, I also work on a diverse range of projects such as developing the digital presence of a local spoken English tutoring setup in India. Activities such as these enable me to understand how marketing/digital could fit in different business types and market sizes. It is important for me to use my knowledge and skills to not just improve a business by itself but also empower others to do the same. 

Looking forward to meaningful interactions and life-changing creations!

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