Mareile Osthus

With 15 years of experience in fashion and 10 years in fashion e-commerce, I am a highly energetic and innovative leader.
I have a passion for challenging the status quo and providing unique insights push the boundaries to grow and diversify people, business and customers. I am a highly driven leader with a love for a fast-paced environment. Social intelligence as well as perseverance are 2 of my main character strengths.
Through my authentic leadership style, I enable, inspire and develop teams to build a high performing team culture and support the teams in achieving their goals. I thrive in environments which deeply care about their people and foster an open, innovative and diverse culture. I believe that people are our greatest asset.
As a key contributor to the Executive team in strategic, commercial and operational decisions I have driven change and growth as well as profitability in different stages of a business. Through strategic and innovative leadership I have grown revenue and profitability for businesses through the identification of potential opportunities and optimization of core business strategies. Leading and guiding through uncertain and challenging environments is a key strength. I have initiated and led restructures and implemented change to adapt to a dynamic environment.
I am highly skilled at driving negotiations in order to achieve and exceed business objectives and create win/win outcomes. Through negotiations and close collaborations with business partners, I have built exceptional brand assortments and value working with internal and external partners. Sustainability has been one of my key topics over the past 3 years.
My team and I have achieved exceptional results in that field which I am very proud of (CONSIDERED by The Iconic), a topic which is very close to my heart.

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