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Lee Sutherland


Lee Sutherland is Founder + Director of frankie+jet talent management agency, and wears all the hats in the business- Talent Agent Brand and Manager (and a damn good one at that). Coming from Australia's longest standing talent management agency (HMMG, formerly Harry M Miller Group) isn't where her skills end to make her one of the most well rounded agents and bosses out there. She's very well versed in influencer marketing and digital strategy from the eyes of both brand and content creator.

Lee worked in Marketing then PR for the worlds largest record label UNIVERSAL MUSIC for 5 years managing the PR for clients ranging from The Presets to Kayne West. In 2011 Lee joined the HMMG as an Agent + Manager and managed the careers of clients including Ryan Fitzgerald, Zoe Bingley-Pullin, Lola Berry, Elka Whalan and Danny Clayton to name a few.Lee also owns product based business Little Wildling Co (organic herbal teas) which has seen her teas retailed across Australia both via her ecommerce store, wholesale and via cafe trade.

Past collaboration includes a co-branded exclusive blend for beauty giants Clairns sold in stores such as David Jones and Myers which also included their best selling serum. If you need help creating a brand, whether its a product based or YOU, how to position yourself in the market and monetize all of the above, lets chat.

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