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Jonathan Knight


Born and raised in England and started my commercial life as a salesman in 1985.
From 1991 I ran my own sales business and after 6 years I joined Coca-Cola in London as a sales manager. For the next decade I continued gaining new roles with larger responsibility and finished my career with Coca-Cola in the UK as a business unit controller.

In 2008 I joined The Coca-Cola Company as a global account director managing Walmart in Asia and residing in Hong Kong.  This role gave me exposure to Japan where I made 50 visits in 3 years and in 2011 was offered a dual position on the board of the Coca-Cola Customer Marketing Company as Chairman and as SVP for the Coca-Cola Company Japan.

in 2013 I was appointed to a customer management position in Dubai and in 2016 I left the Coca-Cola Company to reside in Hokkaido, northern Japan.
I continue to live in Niseko a ski resort famed for its powder snow where I set up several small business including a gin bar, real estate sales, property rental and some part time consultancy to help local businesses develop a little more

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