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Emma Risvanis

I started my working career working for a small interior decorator. I very quickly learned how to pull together impactful visual window displays, quote jobs, plan and execute interior decorating jobs, calculate fabric meterage for curtains whilst minimising wastage, and also run the day to day financials in the store. This was the starting point where the correlation between visual presentation and the joy of converting that into sales started for me.
Moving from interior decorating into fashion was an easy step, and I spent the next 20+ years working for large and small fashion brands such as Country Road, Gant, Levi's & Jag in both state and national sales roles. I also set up and ran my own fashion store and online homewares store during that time.
Entering the food business came purely from my own personal lifestyle change and a demand in the market. In 2013 I made a drastic change to my diet and went grain free (Paleo).
I started recipe development at home and my passion for exploring real, functional food started. The positive impact that it had on my health was life defining.​ The demand for paleo products had just started and I had developed and created something that was NOT on the market, but needed in the market. What started as sales to friends turned into small scale production. The demand forced my hand and lit a fire in me.
By mid 2014 I formed the food production company Paleo Pure and soon after, functional drinks business, Bod Conscious Enterprises (Bod Drinks). I am the Managing Director of both of these companies I am very hands on in my companies; from production to recipe development to the packaging design, the manufacturing of our products, our marketing and our financial control.
I have spent years working alongside my team, observing and coaching them along the way. The past seven years in the food business has enabled me to form meaningful relationships with buyers, distributors, suppliers and retailers. I have helped many other small businesses with their packaging, their costings and offering advice as best I know how.

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