Diva Corey

Diva is the founder of cult lifestyle brand Fallenbrokenstreet
Diva obtained a BA hons in Social Cultural Anthopology from the University of Toronto, Canada & also attended the Rockman School of Business.

After moving to Australia in 2010, Diva added Graphic Design to my knowledge base, opening a design studio, combining my love for photography and art into a tool. Diva met her partner, a professional photographer and creative maniac, Justin Crawford, and together started at the company's base with hats first being sent out of their garage, then filling the living room and then to a eventual warehouse showroom.
Justin and Diva lived and breathed fallenbrokenstreet from the get go.
Coupled with the tools Diva has acquired over my life, the most valuable advice and education has been from powerhouses of mentors along the way, giving shortcuts, advice and mental support.

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