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Brad Munro


After completing High School, I went to University and completed a Bachelor of ‘Industrial Design’ – which sounds like we design and build ‘industry’ and factories but the course should be called ‘product design’. It was here that I learnt to do 3D computer modelling, graphic design and product design from concept and idea generation right through to materials, product finishes and marketing, After working as a freelance designer form some years, I set up my own Graphic Design / Marketing business which allowed me to gain knowledge of all different aspects of marketing and advertising. After a 6 month stint of overseas travels, I was talking with the friend who had also been overseas at the time and we were talking about small business, brands and discussing trends, clothing and footwear etc. The conversation (over a beer) quickly turned in to a humorous account of how many pairs of thongs we had lost, broken or damaged on our travels.

So, we started looking at the thongs/footwear products available in Australia and overseas and found that they were essentially all the same except from a few different materials and logos… They hadn’t been improved on in years. A few years of running a clothing and footwear company, learning all I could about how to run a business, product sourcing, manufacturing, logistics, PR, marketing, e-commerce and general business management. I launched and became CEO / Founder of Boomerangz Footwear
Fast forward a few years and we launched a successful crowdfunding campaign to now selling our interchangeable thongs to customers all around the world via e-commerce channels, brick and mortar retailers and international distributors.

We created (and patented) the boomerangz plug technology of our thongs that are designed to minimise blowouts (when the straps break) but also means the bases and straps are interchangeable. This allows the customer to simply replace the straps if they break which extends the life of the product and means the customer doesn’t need to buy a new pair. We have also implemented a number of sustainable initiatives for Boomerangz, both within the supply chain, our business practices and our products when they are at ‘end of life’.

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