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Alexandra Miller


I have worked in the fundraising space for over 10 years. In fundraising, you get to wear a lot of 'hats', including project management, donor relations, grant writing, proposal writing, appeals, events, marketing and communications, major gifts and bequests. I'm extremely proud to be running the Legacy Giving program at the University of Sydney and managing a team in the University's Advancement Portfolio.

I was part of the University's fundraising campaign that raised a billion dollars for research and education - the campaign was the largest philanthropic effort in Australian history.  I studied at Sydney Uni too, I have a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences and a Master of Peace and Conflict Studies. I'm passionate about connecting people to innovation and discoveries that will change the future. To do this, I have a lot of conversations with students, researchers, academics, and our University community.

I love that through my work I get to hear a lot of stories, I get to share those stories, I get to be creative in the ways we connect with alumni and donors, and I love that the outcomes of my work can have a positive impact on society.

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