1. Find a mentor that aligns with you! Make sure to look for relevant experience, and expertise that answers your burning business questions. 
  2. For now, register your interest. Once it's live:
  3. Book your hour! Find a time in your calendar that works for both of you!
  4. Our concierge team will lock in your Zoom Meeting, and send you a pre-call survey to ask for your questions ahead of time, as well as a few dot points on you and your business so your Mentor can get familiarized. This allows our mentors to prepare as much useful and awesome information as possible to help you within your hour. 
  5. Your call! Connect with someone who can help you implement actionable goals and tools and tips to help you grow. 
  6. Post call, our Concierge team will follow up with a transcription of your chat for you to further review and draw from. 
  7. Book another call with your mentor, a mentor in a different experience field and make sure to leave a review!